July 14, 2023 – Below is an update from Erin Kozanicki of Fauquier County regarding the Marshall Main Street Improvement Project:

Marshall Main Street ImprovementAs of today, most all buildings within the project area are now being fed with underground electricity. There are two locations that will be finalized next week, at which time all buildings will have been transitioned over to the underground power. As you have likely seen this week, utilities are beginning to also remove their aerial lines. This will continue over

the next few weeks as each of the utility companies finish their individual connections to customers. The construction contractor will finalize the remaining ground work once the electrical poles have been removed from the project area.

Next week, areas near Frost Street and Main Street will have no parking signage posted while Dominion (or their sub contactors such as Pike) removes lines. We will only post and shut down in areas they are specifically working to minimize business impacts, while ensuring the safety of workers and community members.

We appreciate everyone’s continued patience as we near completion of the project. Have a great weekend!


Erin M. Kozanecki, MPA

Deputy County Administrator

Fauquier County Government

10 Hotel Street

Warrenton, VA 20186