June 12, 2023

Below is an update from Erin Kozanicki regarding the Marshall Main Street Improvement Project:

As you have seen, the various utility providers are working on their component of the Marshall Main Street Project to complete the undergrounding of utilities. Dominion is currently on track for completion no later than mid-July, with the telecommunication companies completing their work shortly thereafter. Next week, Dominion will begin their phased approach to converting individual customers from the aerial to underground service. This will begin on the west end of the project area (near Frost St) working eastwards.

A few things of note and consideration:

  • Electrical Outage and Downtime – We have notified Dominion of concerns of the various business in regards to outages and downtime. They estimate downtime to be limited to a few hours, with no more than 4-6 hours depending on the complexity of connections required at individual properties.  For the three properties that require a new meter base to accept underground feeds, we will be in contact individually.
    • Please note there may be locations that Dominion needs to restrict parking at or near existing telephone poles to complete work. We will release these dates at least 48 hours in advance and put up notice signage near these locations.
  • Pole removal – Upon completion of the undergrounding, Dominion or the telecommunication companies will remove the existing telephone poles. Once these are removed, the construction contractor will finalize the remaining sidewalk areas.
  • Verizon and Comcast Service – These providers have or will work individually with customer based on individual services.
  • VDOT has a planned repaving of Main Street this summer. This project will focus on Main Street at this time and not any of the connecting streets.
    • After this completion, VDOT will also put in the permanent markings for travel lanes; parking spots; and crosswalks.

Thank you,


Erin M. Kozanecki, MPA

Deputy County Administrator

Fauquier County Government

10 Hotel Street

Warrenton, VA 20186