Over the next month, Shirley Contracting, will begin construction on the Marshall Main Street Improvements Project. They are currently completing pre-construction activities and mobilization. During this time, Shirley or their sub-contractors will be on-site to perform test pits related to existing utility mapping. The work will be completed primarily in the parking lane while working along Main Street. There will be specific parking closures during this time, with related flagging operations/workers on site. Two-way traffic will be maintained, but may require similar to full construction, shifts to parking lanes for traffic flow.

Below is an overview of work areas and estimated timeline in order of work. Please note, weather may impact this schedule and will be updated accordingly.

Start date: Monday, February 22, 2021
Anderson Ave/Frost Street Intersection: 2-3 days, 2/22 to 2/24
Frost Street: 2-3 days, 2/24-2/25 to 2/25-3/1
Main Street (eastbound): 2-3 days, 2/26-3/2 to 3/1-3/4
Main Street (westbound): 2-3 days, 3/2-3/5 to 3/3-3/9
Rectortown Road: 1-2 days, 3/4-3/10 to 3/4-3/11

If you have questions, please contact Donnie Kozanecki at do**************@fa************.gov or 540-422-8476.