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Student Art Show

September 28, 2023 @ 8:00 am - September 30, 2023 @ 5:00 pm

View student art at our Marshall Main Street businesses September 28-30!

The Whole Ox

Nelson Morgan Grade 1 Claude Thompson
Novalee Sutphin Grade 4 Claude Thomspon
Brisia Gonzalaez Grade 7 Marshall Middle
Teagan Sliffe Fresta Valley
Billie W Grade 8 Fresta Valley

Anne Michael Greene & Co./Realtor and ALEX

Michael Kuebbeler Grade 3 Claude Thompson
Aubree Stribling Grade 4 Claude Thompson
Aubrey Havens Grade 6 Marshall Middle
Alivia Clay Grade 8 Fresta Valley
Samuel Dudley Fresta Valley
Toms’ Fresta Valley

Total Restorations

Gloria Williamson Grade 8 Fresta Valley
Lily Demember Grade 8 Fresta Valley
Katherine Heenan Fresta Valley
Gianna Huston Grade 7 Marshall Middle

Field & Main

Alex Ramirez Grade 4 Claude Thompson
Adele O’Grady Grade 6 Marshall Middle
Keegan Lambert Grade 8 Fresta Valley
Jessica Cook Grade 10 Fresta Valley

Pet Co Op

Yoshiho Hara Grade 7 Marshall Middle
Michael Zegarelli Grade 7 Marshall Middle
London Spriggs Grade 8 Fresta Valley

Blue A Salon

Julie Sandoval Muro Grade 7 Marshall Middle
Zoe Williams Grade 7 Marshall Middle
Carson Fresta Valley

State Farm

Damian Marquez Grade 4 Claude Thompson
Grace Rios Fresta Valley
Brie Grade 9 Fresta Valley
Nora Farrens Grade 7 Marshall Middle

Cosmetic Dentist

Emma Gascon Grade 7 Marshall Middle
Baylie Worsham Grade 8 Fresta Valley
Melanie Yakei Grade 12 Fresta Valley

Marshall Curate

Avery Sutphin Grade 6 Marshall Middle
Thomas Prather Fresta Valley
Marisa Klinkenberger Grade 8 Fresta Valley

Middleburg Humane Resale Boutique

Elizabeth Prather Grade 11 Fresta Valley
Aubrey K Grade 8 Fresta Valley


Sydney Castellucci Grade 9 Fresta Valley
Esabella Castellucci Grade11 Fresta Valley
Marine’ McRae Grade 9 Fresta Valley


Katy Grade 10 Fresta Valley
Preston H Grade 8 Fresta Valley
Isaac Gimon Grade 8 Fresta Valley

Callaway Classics

Jake Crown Fresta Valley
Emma Bron Grade 12 Fresta Valley
Damian Marquez Grade 4 Claude Thompson

Cup Cake Heaven

Everly Havens Grade 4 Claude Thompson
Novalee Sutphin Grade 4 Claude Thompson
Maggie Travis Grade 3 Claude Thompson
Aleena Williams Grade 6 Marshall Middle
Madeline Haashwah Grade 6 Marshall Middle

Red Truck

Austin Cortes Grade 4 Claude Thompson
Desmond Romeo Grade 3 Claude Thompson
Sofia Alvarado Grade 4 Claude Thompson
Bentley Bates Grade 4 Claude Thompson
Joely Areanas Grade 4 Claude Thompson

Main Street 7-11

Andrew Yowell Grade 2 Claude Thompson


September 28, 2023 @ 8:00 am
September 30, 2023 @ 5:00 pm
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