Sidewalks, planting, trees – Most all of the sidewalk sections will be complete around Thanksgiving. There will be small areas that will not be final until the utility companies complete their movement of poles and lines over the next several months into 2023.

Traffic/parking – By Thanksgiving, all traffic should be moved back to the original traffic pattern including parking. It may be a week sooner than that timeline, but at the latest it would be Thanksgiving. No parking will be marked at that time but it will be accessible. Final and temporary parking markings will not be completed until after utility companies complete their work.

Line movement – In the next few weeks, the telecommunications companies such as Shentel and Comcast will begin their line movement once final terminal poles are set by Dominion. Dominion will likely be the last to drop their lines and transition into the duct bank, as they will have to remove all poles at the same time. The telecommunication lines are the lower lines with Dominion at the top, so visually it is the telecommunication lines that are closest to the road.

Paving – VDOT has the pavement within and around Marshall slated for their 2023 paving schedule. We do not have any dates from them as to when this will occur at this time. This work is not dependent on any of the utility work completion. VDOT sets an annual schedule for their bidding purposes in terms of what projects need to be completed within a year, but they do not set specific dates until they have completed their contracting process and are into that specific calendar year.

Submitted by Erin Kosanecki, Fauquier County