Update for Week of April 4:
Information provided courtesy of Erin Kozanecki – Deputy County Administrator, Fauquier County

The next two weeks will have similar activities along Main Street. Please be mindful of the shifts in sidewalk access on the Northside of Main Street during this time as they work on tree pits, curb and gutter, and related activities. North Frost Street is set to reopen in the 10-14 days. In late April, the ductbank construction near Frost/Main should be less and the contractor will shift to the eastern side of the Main/Rectortown intersection. We will send a specific update on that timeline as we get closer.

The contractor continues to work on the ductbank along Main Street working towards 7-11/Truist Bank (former BB&T). Temporary parking will continue to shift within work areas as necessary to complete ductbank construction.  The contractor continues the curb/gutter work near Johnny Monarch along N Frost Street and the portion of the Main Street to the west of this intersection. The contractor will also complete installation of conduit for streetlights near the Frost intersections; tree pits along Main Street between Frost and Rectortown; and other related streetscape work in the current active work zones.

Dominion’s contractor completed most of their construction of the new termination poles on Main Street and Frost Street this week. In some areas they still need to set the new poles, but have completed the related excavation.

Parking: Temporary parking areas remains with shifts during the ductbank construction. The temporary parking signage has been placed along the project area, and will continue to be adjusted where available. When directing patrons to parking access, also remember areas along both sides of Main Street outside of the construction area; South Frost Street; and always the Marshall Community Center parking lot.

Deliveries and Events: As a reminder, please let us know if you have an updated delivery schedules for coordination purposes. Also please let us know of any events for coordination and advertisement.  

As a reminder, citizens and visitors should be mindful of the restricted areas for the safety of themselves and the workers. If barrels, safety barriers, etc. are moved or removed, this not only places individuals in potential harm it could pose a potential shutdown of the project by the safety inspectors or VDOT.