Information provided courtesy of Erin M. Kozanecki, Deputy County Administrator, Fauquier County Government

Update for Week of January 10th:

Happy New Year All! The contractor is currently working within the ductbank area, but also addressing snow and ice impacts this week.

They continue to work on the ductbank construction along Main Street to approximately the location of the 7-11 entrance and in front of Truist (BB&T) on Main Street throughout January. This will include the installation of the large manholes within the ductbank area adjacent to Silent Partners, Piedmont Tractors and Truist (BB&T). When additional safety fence requires install along Main Street, we will reach out to the individual businesses/property owners ahead of this install.

Parking: Temporary parking areas remains with shifts during the ductbank construction.

Deliveries and Events: As a reminder, please let us know if you have regular or specific deliveries that you need assistance coordinating with the project. Also please let us know of any events for coordination and advertisement.

As a reminder, citizens and visitors should be mindful of the restricted areas for the safety of themselves and the workers. If barrels, safety barriers, etc. are moved or removed, this not only places individuals in potential harm it could pose a potential shutdown of the project by the safety inspectors or VDOT.