Update for Week of October 25:

This past week, the Contractor finished the construction of the duct bank on the North and Southside of Frost Street. They have begun similar construction on the western side of Main Street from the north side of Frost in front of Johnny Monarch yesterday. Over the next week or so, they will finalize the backfill of these areas. As a note, the duct bank concrete has to cure for approximately 30 days before those areas can be reopened for traffic. Dependent on WSA’s progress, the work schedule next week may shift to the eastern end of the lane shift areas beyond Aronhime Dental/State Farm to complete excavation and duct bank installs. If this occurs, additional fencing will go up in these areas to protect the adjacent sidewalk and structures.

Once all utility infrastructure within the travel lanes is completed for Phase 1, the contractor will shift to Phase 1A which includes the streetscape infrastructures such as the sidewalks, curb, and gutter, etc. When this work is taking place we will notify business owners at least a week ahead of timelines, as there will be closures of sidewalk areas for demo and replacement activities.

Parking: Temporary parking areas on the north parking lane have been put back in place for on-street parking within the project area. Those areas will shift over the course of the project but currently are available in front of Aronhime Dental/State Farm offices; Lawrence House property; Basement Cuts/Blue A Salon/Hunt Country Coffee; and Total Restoration & Custom Upholstery. Currently, Fauquier County has placed temporary signage for these areas, while awaiting the arrival of the permanent signage to be used throughout the project.

As a reminder, citizens and visitors should be mindful of the restricted areas for the safety of themselves and the workers. If barrels, safety barriers, etc. are moved or removed, this not only places individuals in potential harm it could pose a potential shutdown of the project by the safety inspectors or VDOT.

WSA Work Update – October 25: WSA will continue to perform work in the area, including work on Main Street. Specific information on their work can be obtained from their website at https://www.fcwsa.org/